Thursday, July 9, 2009

At Least These Three Days Ago

Speech and Poetry Contest 2009 is done! Hahha! Lotta things happened like blackout, people asked bout speech contestants which were only three people. Hahaha! But as the MC, I got many suggestions and new ideas to be a better MC in any kind of events ahead. Oh, I almost forget. I wore T from Insez (you may find various design in Tebet) as one of the sponsors.

Well, after being a big 8 in NUEDC (National University English Debate Contest) in Bandung, which I thought it was really unfair since the judges and teams who held the debate exhibition joined the competition too, I got email from TXT Nein Online Mags and Warung Magazine #3. Yep, you’re right. My simple edited photos and drawing were in! Hahha. Lucky me.

You can download
Warung Magazine#3
TXT Nein

What else to share?
Oh! You know what? I’m on my sixth semester, means (hopefully, lol) only two semesters left and I’ll be free. Hahaha! No, no. The point is: I tried to made poem and drawing consist of symbols and irony. I thought it was very hard since I don’t really care about the symbols and each hidden mean of my poems and drawing but for these two, I let you guess ;)


A Woman with No Hands

Let’s share!
Big hug.

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