Thursday, July 9, 2009

Djenar Maesa Ayu to Botanical Garden

Damn, June 27 2009 was unexpectedly WOW!

You know what? I met Djenar Maesa Ayu! Hahaha!
Actually, there’s talk show with her in Pakuan University Hall (? I let you wondering how the hall looks like) but unfortunately I wasn’t aware enough to know that (what a pity), so I was totally shocked when I saw her walking to Vice Dean room and I swear, I left my mouth opened with big ‘A’ and my eyes were growing.
Me: Is that Djenar?
My Friend 1: Yeh, I was wondering who she is. I just notice she’s someone famous but –
Me: – damn, that’s her! I, I wanna take pic with her!
My Friend 2: What?
Me: I really mean it.
And then the full-of-exitement Dita went toward her (when she’s gonna left the faculty). She’s very kind! She wanted to sip more tea and we took pic inside the Vice Dean’s room. Tat-tara-raaa!!!

You know what? I ended up saying, “I read your book. Very nice.” (Hell no, Dita don’t you know that everybody reads her book and the books are extra nice?!) instead of admitting this: Hey, Djenar I love your writing style. You’re very inspiring! Don’t you know I made ‘Lembayung Bayu’, my first short story, after I read you ‘Cerita Pendek Tentang Cerita Cinta Pendek’?

But, well, that’s not a wrap for that day, guys.

Mawar, Rina, and I met the American again! Cool! I didn’t plan to (even, again, I don’t know they’re here!!!) We went to Botanical Garden. Carl, Manny, Dan, and Nora. Terus ada Rully dan Pak Berjaket Item yang netirin kita rame-rame.
Norma’s into plant so much. She looked at almost all the plant’s name tag along the road. We went to Orchid House. We were simply fortunate since it supposed to be closed but they officer allowed us to go inside. Here are some pics I edited.

Well, that’s all. Oh, and my short story (the full-of-grammar-error first piece) is on going :P

And I wrote song about SEMARANG! Hahaha! Oh, I told you before. Okay okay.

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