Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forcefully Forced to Force

What a day!
No,what an ordinary day!
Oh,no! (Dita,can't you put something better than that?)
Now okay. Ehm, PERFECT START. [Is that enough?]

See, today is Friday and soon is Election Day. I don't give a damn but I care about myself too much! That's the only thing you should know.
I woke up late. Very late for 10-sharp class,which is 9.30, imagine 9.30!
Okay if you don't get what i mean.
I usually take 20 minutes for shower and dressing up (very-instant mode: on), and take another 20 minutes for breakfast, and take five minutes to tightened my shoe laces, and perhaps if I want to I consume 3 minutes to wear my topaz-color lenses. Hell, count!
20+20+5+3 equals 48!!!

I know I won't make it. So I cleverly decided:
5-minute-and-super-instant shower
NO breakfast
One glass of mineral water

See, I was all out for that Methodology of Teaching but what?

Big thanks, Mam. I'm your biggest fan still.

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