Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to Jakarta

These pictures I took on my way to Jakarta with my friends. I edited it a bit and it looks like very-old Jakarta (don’t you think?).
I went to Kinokuniya bookstore in Plaza Semanggi. Believe it or not, the officers were vey curious since we wrote the title of the novels and also the author.
Maybe they thought we were people who work on the bookstore next door.


(Oh if you only knew, uncle. Yes, I own one, a very big one called Gramedia do you notice that bookstore? But above all that, bolt this: That’s a total lie)

Hahaha! His face was red when we said,
“Sir, we’re students from Pakuan University and we’re looking for a novel for our paper. Is that not allowed?” asked my friend.
Bang bang, officer, you’re dead!
Then we met the manager and he said it’s all okay!!!

See the worst phenomenon?
Person who has lower position got bigger mouth and act!



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