Monday, August 10, 2009

Merantau di XXI Botani Square Bogor

I went to Botani Square with Ricky yesterday (Sunday, August 9th 2009). We were there since 6 pm and bought ticket first. Then we did window shopping and ate at Hoka Hoka Bento. We wanted to waste our time since it’s still half an hour to 8. We went to Giant. Magnificently, the electricity’s gone. BOOM. Blackout.

That was just the first one. Okay, we thought it’s gonna be just fine to watch movie since (in our na├»ve opinion) it wouldn’t happen twice.

8.15, we watched “Merantau”. The movie itself was great! There were massive supreme martial arts on the screen.
I left my mouth in A and O shape!
But then BLACKOUT! Again for second time. That was fine though. What made me complained loudly was this:
No sound, no movie, just complaining voices here and there.

What the...?!

Please, XXI! What happened to you guys? I dunno, maybe their ran out of their electricity support or something occurred suddenly which made blackout more than 5 times.

Go back to the movie.
“Pencak Silat” is one of traditional martial arts from Indonesia. Yuda, the protagonist (FYI, he’s the real Silat athlete) went to Jakarta in order to gain his adultery experience called ‘merantau’. He met new people, he messed up with local dancer and so-called girl-trafficking mafia.
What so super and make this piece a must-see is obviously its SILAT fighting. This movie’s fighting director is the same with Ong Bak’s. No wonder it became a topnotch local movie.

I don’t wanna tell you its ending.
Just watch and you’ll find out what’s so great about it.

Today (Monday, August 10th) I went to campus only for make-up Spoken Final Test and tomorrow I’ll have ToEFL Final Test. Wish me luck!
Oh, I finished sewing my first tote bag! Yihhha!
I’ll show you the pic later for handy craft treasure.


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