Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post Party Stuff

I danced danced danced on Pesta Mikro 3 and that was great. There were only four chiptuners who performed their greatest skill but as a closing band, Curah Melodia Mandiri was awesome. Abim and Mr. Sorry I forgot your name played two creepy songs and to me there was such magic inside those songs.
What I don’t like about PO3 is just only few bands playinggggg!!!! AAAAHHHH. Nooooo. To be honest, I danced, hard, but not as hard as PO2 since more than four bands performed their best.
But I always love to dance with 8-bit tune! Gorgeous.

I woke up at 11 something today and I found out there were cute box upon my table and my father’s signature on a piece of bill. What is this??

I opened the box and those were shoes I ordered from Chick Stuffs. I’m so damn glad about it!

See, those are beautiful and perfect. They’re better than I thought and the sole was nice. Thanks for Nurul to make this happen ;)

Hotty hot. I hafta take a bath soon.

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