Monday, August 3, 2009

So Sudden to be Suddenly with and Too Sudden to be Suddenly Without

Finally. Home and technology.

Well, I’ve been busy several days ago, helping that so-called Ministry of Blablabla stuff named IACS (Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship), Beasiswa Seni dan Budaya Indonesia. I’m there as an LO for PT. Lalala based in Jakarta. I signed contract, I thought it’s gonna be an ordinary one, where I have to report what I’m doing to one person who has higher position only, person from PT. Lalala who hired me instead of those people from Blablabla. But what happened on field... All was different and so many miss-communication-and-miss-understanding problem.

Before we went to the project people from Blablabla met the LOs and we had lunch together. NO FURTHER DETAILS about the program itself and I was very curious about how the program will run since this is very first time from me but unfortunately I didn’t get it. It was just lunch and bullshit. Smile plastered everywhere but I really didn’t know what should we do (the LOs) because this is very first time for THREE of us.

I went to Sofyan Betawi Hotel (somewhere in Jakarta) and spend first night which is Sunday, July 26th alone in on single-bed room. Sunday is not very busy with stuff since only several awardees coming from South Asia. Just prepare some things and get along well with awardees. Okay, not too bad for first day.

Monday, July 27th. What so funny today was: The tragedy started here. Late night after dinner I’ve been told that four of awardees were missing and I asked by Mr.Boss who sit next to Miss. Please-shut-your-mouth to find ‘em. After worrying a lot and made a call here and there finally I found four of ‘em and found out that they went to money changer. Then one Mr. Fatty Bear asked me as if I was the one who took ‘em out. I answered with not-so-good tone, “I’m the one who found them” and my heart whispered: Who the hell are you fatty bear? And he hit my feet. “Behave. What’s your name once again?” and I answered, “Dita. D-I-T-A.”
Then I went to that coffee-break room where there were Ms. Please-I-want-you-to-shut-up, Mr. Bear, the LOs, and awardees girls from Indonesia, I told him I don’t like he acted like. But that Ms. please-shut-your-mouth-up said, “Dita, Dita. Please. Not like this.” and he said, “If you only knew, I have higher position than YOU. If I wanted you to quit then you QUIT.” I replied, “Thank you. I quit.” I left that fucking room. But then I felt I ain’t mature by saying so and not professional enough. And I explained, “I don’t care if you don’t like me but I don’t like your way asking question rudely to a person who found those awardees. I wasn’t the one who took ‘em out without your permission. And once again, I don’t like you hit my feet with your RIGHT hand.” That Mr. Bear said sorry and Ms. Please-shout-your-mouth-up told me we’re team. I said sorry too. Yes okay. Ms. Please-shut-up said, “We’re team and please be so.” I said, “Yeh, Am sorry too. I thought it wouldn’t be good to leave and I’m not professional enough if I left you.” Ms. Please-baby-I-beg-you-to-shut-your-mouth-up replied, “Yes and please be so. But seeing this problem, now you should know I can act more that he did to you.”
My tiny tired heart said:

Okay bumpy road’s everywhere and Ms. Please-I-want-you-to-shut-up doesn’t like me. Good job, Dita. Very good job. This is very good start and I’m happy!!! I was. Really. It felt so nice messing up with those very-bossy-and-they-don’t-care-about-me people. I went to bed with those two people head in my mind. I promised to myself someday I’ll get higher position than their and I’ll do them good or probably worse, but I’ll be the one who control ‘em and behave ‘em. Shit, yeah! And they’ll listen to me and they’ll say, “All right, Miss Dita welcome.” then I’ll answer gladly,” Dearest Mr. You-are-cute Bear and Ms. I-don’t-like-your-suite-please-take-them-off can you please stop plastering smile in front of me?” HAHAHAHHA!!!!

Oops, okay. Go back to our main business.

Tuesday July 28th. Me and one of the LO friend picked awardees from America and South Africa. My friend took ‘em to hotel while I was waiting from another awardee from London. Everything’s good. Two of us forgot to tell that so-called Person in Charge from Ministry of Blablabla about their arrival. And then there’s a briefing inside the same shitty coffee-break room where there were five of us, plus two bossy-and-I-don’t-like-their-bitchy-style people, and their boss. Their boss, let’s call her Mrs. Very-welcome, said thanks to us she said it’s not PT. Lalala and Minister of Blablabla BUT we represent INDONESIA. We talked about tomorrow’s upcoming ceremony. All right, not too bad but still don’t like those two people way in representing their egos as a REPRESENTATIVE OF MINISTRY OF BLABLABLA.

Well, anyway, representatives should’ve been very welcome and comfortable to talk to, eh? But they were not at all and they’re always blaming all things to us. What the...? So I think, there’ll be very bad ending and bad relationship between us since the representatives didn’t do good in representing their ministry of blablabla. Isn’t that right, everyone?! Yes, total shit and it happens! Lol

Wednesday is another day. We went to the opening ceremony and everybody was wearing their national clothes. Smooth and nice for opening ceremony and Adhiyaksa Daud (sorry Sir I don’t recognize you until they say the person who delivered the speech was Minister of Foreign Affair). We didn’t have anything to do in the night so it’s just a free-time but not-too-free since awardees were not allowed to go out.

Thursday. Big mistake today was: Those two people said that
LOs kidnapped those awardees!!!
Shit, magic they blamed it to us! So here’s the thing.
We’ve been asked to make ‘em finish dinner at seven. Everybody’s in rush since the room for dinner wasn’t ready yet. It was a total mess chair arrangement. What I know was: Make ‘em finish dinner and take ‘em out so those two plastered-smile-everywhere people won’t be angry to us. Dinner was finish. My stomach was grumbling and it wasn’t very good since I almost ate not in time and I skipped dinner. We arrived in Grand Indonesia, that super-big mall in Jakarta and after we finished arranging the awardees into two groups, I dunno who called but they asked us to move to Sarinah Thamrin, karaoke at Inul Vista. We danced, we sang together. but then at the briefing in such very late night..

Ms. Please-baby-i-don’t-like-your-being-bossy: “To the honorable LOs. We started with very childish behavior. That was totally a big big mistake. Now you
kidnapped those 50 awardees
.These people from Ministry of Blablabla, five of us were sitting here in the room, each of us calling for possibilities, to where you probably take them out BUT you went already and nobody told us. It’s just like throwing SHIT directly to my face! Sorry for my language. This is not YOUR event, this is OUR event. And that childish behavior is really not in time”

Do you wanna know what I was thinking when that Ms. Okay-whatever-you-say bitched up?

Okay now, who’s childish? I’m fine with you already but you keep reeling that tragedy. That is CHILDISH. (FYI, I drew while she was saying about that childish thing. Do you wanna know why? I don’t think what she said matter at all and that nite I know I wasn’t wrong at all.) And about the shit, oh bitch if you only knew nobody wants to coz by saying that shit you’re throwing that SHIT on your FACE yourself.

Mr. I-believe-you-agree-if-I-call-him-this Bear: “ Please don’t make too much personal touch and closeness. We work here and just behave.”

This what went in my mind.

Okay, you just envy us since you’re too busy to dance and you didn’t have enough time there on the dance floor. Tell me, Mr. Cute Bear you just envy us.

Friday we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. My mistake here was:
I didn’t tell that person in charge a.k.a Ms. Please-I-don’t-care-what-you’re-doing about three people who were going to meet their ambassador.

Ms. Yes-whatever-you-say: “Dita, I’m here in the same room with you. But you didn’t tell my anything. I’m not an animal and I’m human. You never say ‘hi’ to me or whatever.This morning you just made the buss went off without MY permission”

I said many sorry and I never treat her as if she’s the REAL animal or what. I said sorry yes that was my mistake.

She said, “Okay, let’s see what my boss gonna say later on meeting.”

I went to the bath room. I pee. I remember each and every word she said. I didn’t run the bus! She was there on the first bus with me, I just made sure that everybody’s there and I moved to second bus. Since that first buss left so I think that’ll be okay to leave as well. Oh, about that ANIMAL thing. What a pity, wasn’t it mean she thought she’s an animal since what’s on her mind was I treated her like animal by not saying HI??? Hahaha. I’m laughing now. Darn, if you only knew how she has totally-shallow mind. She never takes sorry for guarantee. Gee, what a robot. Lol

We knew the result by tomorrow. Make Taraaaaa, they asked us, three of us to leave this hotel and awardees!!! Hah, funny! That was so inhuman.

You people who treated us unfair will taste hell in the end. And I promise my self, I will get higher position than them later, and then I will make ‘em embarrassed and regret about robot-and-icy-cold treatment to people who lend to help them they had done to five of us there. I promise myself. I know they’ll get the revenge day later. In any kinda way.

I relieve, funnily I relieved. After our Mr. Boss said sorry and ask us to leave, we went to our room. I learn many many things here. To be honest this is the first time for me seeing the robot-hearted people like those two so-called representatives. I’m happy coz I know we’re irreplaceable. What so funny is, they asked many things and blame us as if we don’t understand how this program works. I have a heart still and I miss everybody I left so sudden. There were hugs and kiss and puzzle look.
I know I’m gonna miss them lots.

What an irony, eh?

While we’re close with people from other countries, people from the same country envy us, dislike the LOs, being so bossy and rude and talk as if they’re not well-educated PIC. What up with their heart? Don’t they have at least a rational mind? I dunno, I don’t wanna imagine anything anymore. Just feel sorry for them.

And awardees, believe me that won’t be our last time seeing and hugging each other again. Three of us will visit you. I promise. I will.

Thanks for people in that Ministry of Blablabla for those two icy cold people; I learn a lot from them. I know this is my next step to have more mature personality. Thanks for my team, without you guys I would’ve just runaway from those freaks.

I write this not because I want you to hate those people from Blablabla. I know many great people behind this but maybe I was having a bad luck seeing those kinda people who were NEVER take sorry and want everything 200% perfect. That Ms. Bitch-up-about-everything once said: “This is just because we meet in this working-hard situation. I believe I am different outside if you know me as a friend”. Well, who knows? I won’t meet you again outside and I cannot imagine having you as a friend after this very inconvenient see-you-again. Haha, but we’ll see.

I believe I’ll have more than what they have in the future and I believe I can beat ‘em someday. I can’t wait for that day.

Thank you for PT. Lalala, I miss you guys out there. I’ll visit you later. Haahahha.
Talk to you later, guys!



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