Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Baiklah, saya adalah contoh seorang kakak sepupu yang baik.
(Entah dilihat dari sisi mana)

"Hey, you know what? Am an available guy who love to gulp Teh Botol Sosro)

"I can show you this all-available guy standard pose"

"Now what more? Y'all know that I'm available."

Percayalah, saudaraku, kami semua sayang padamu.

No hard feeling, k! Really I know this was a high-class cliché.
Yes, I really wrap this ad as excellent as I could and I really did it!


Haahaha! Yes, he's (totally) available, and believe me he IS available.
I dunno how his expression would be when he realized I put his photos here with that title mentioned above. Freaked out, or whatever. But yes, it's just for fun.
I can't stop laughing!!!

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