Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I finished reading ‘Taming the Beast’ and gotta figure it out soon what topic and what an appropriate title for my paper. It tells you story about crazy and desperate love you can’t help wanting it, craving for it, crying if you can’t touch your lover’s body and have orgasm by his/her fingers (or your fingers moved by your lover’s own hands) and rather die instead of not being inside your lover’s genital in a week. Crap. Load of bullshits but I kept reading it till those whole 331 pages are done. In the end you lost people you love or people you should love like family, your best friends, your ex lovers, your job, college, your entire life for one psycho pedophile.
K, time to re-read, for second times now and trying to solve the puzzle, mark every page consist every little clue in theme, character analysis, point of view.
Yes Dita you gonna type loaded crap on your paper with theories about dangerous, illegal, immature, hungry-beast love. Okay, just pray it doen’t rape all of your bones. Lol
Shit, even reading that novel exhausted me. At least am not whimpering or patting or moaning or whatever Sarah and Carr had done. Just tired facing monitor with random font types.

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