Friday, November 13, 2009


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[Hujan004] Twelve Insomnia – Colonel Loves Rave EP

I love chiptune. I never don’t. My friend introduced me to chiptune two years ago. We met in a small gig when I was still a vocalist of Swedish-pop band. I didn’t know what chiptune is till he played a song with gameboy. He was wearing a wacky Doraemon helmet while he’s playing. He’s Volta, if you recognize who he is now. Lol. He played a pop song crafted with those ‘tilulit’ melody. I danced at the time, and I asked him what kinda song he’s playing. He told me, that’s chiptune.
I googled about chiptune and found out there are many chiptuners in Indonesia. The great ones. But this new-comer is not just a poser.
Insomnia (Twelve Insomnia) from Salatiga, Indonesia. He is under Hujan! Rekords from Bogor, West Java who’s just finished his first rave EP. You, if you’re looking for a dance-beat electronic song, go to this link and download it.
Talking about Chiptune in Indonesia, you will not miss Pesta Mikro as well. But, what is Pesta Mikro?
This upcoming November 29th Pesta Mikro 3 will be held. To be honest, yes, baby I can’t wait to dance and jumping at Rossi. International chiptuners are Ikuma (Singapore) and Sidabitball (France). Local high-recommended chiptuners are:
Go to Pesta Mikro link and you’ll find out more about chiptuners.
A ‘pesta’ (party) is not a party without lighting and visual artist. I am sorry I don’t pay attention very much to a visual artist but in Pesta Mikro 2 the visual artist was Stand by Emulator and… Sorry :P
Dang I have to go. I’ll tell you more about Pesta Mikro 3 and chiptune later okay. <3
Go to to download more chiptune songs for free. I love Catfist Lagoon by J Arthur Keenes Band.

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