Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Teaching and Worksgop and Result!

Teaching convo 2 class again, happy yes! Hhahha. Very fun today with my five students. But as usual Indra still keeping that “silence is golden” stuff but still we had fun! This evening we play “who wants to bid more” game. To be honest that was just a spontaneous game. I forgot to give my coordinator’s (Mrs. Inne) flash card. They were foods flash cards and my today’s lesson was about television and stuffs. I think yes that’s boring to mention which television you want to buy and find out which television you want to sell. Well, hmm about for-sell stuff and wanted items television and household materials.
I changed those stuffs with this: They have $200 and they had to choose which things they want to buy *on page..27?? with no more than $200 and I ask several question to make them speak (yes yes convo class huh). After they finished I gave them Nano-nano. (yes one candy only not those five of one pack)
After that I realized I need more game! I glanced at the cards and yes! Gotcha. “Who wants to bid more?” is a game created by sudden expression I got from that “I want to sell this” word (ha, what Dita??) So, I gave each person equal number of cards (six of em) and try to give sell the thing to their friends (which I gave each person $500) by mentioning the price, condition of the food (I gave em guide it’s more like taste, and made by what raw food). They have to sell all of those six stuffs. If there are two people wanting the same stuff, they have to place their bid. The highest bid got it.
Just a simple game but they’re happy. And I was yes. They looked cheerful and I couldn’t believe that works! (pfftt hahaha).
Ohh yes! I joined two-day workshop from LPIA (Nov 23rd- Nov 24th 2009) at Griya Alam wahatever. Very nice nice nice and above all that, the competition! I know it was tight. There were professional teachers who finished their master degree, teacher who had been teaching for 9-10 years, even more! But I got “First Best Participant” (yes that’s what written on my certificate)!! Yeyeyeye (clapping everybody!) * hmm??
So yes I am happy now! And dang! I couldn’t write WHOLE things here. Hhahaha.
See you.

Oh yes, she is Mrs. inne, my lovely coordinator (accad. coordinator) that said:
Please don't mention am your coordinator to anybodu. Well now am not saying anything I just WRITE :P

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