Friday, December 25, 2009

Recent Recenly Rocks!

Hmm, where should I start ladies and gentlemen??

Jadi, dimulai pada hari dimana I realized my students gave me uncomfy look being at convo 2 class. Remember when I told about the silent student? Hmm, yea he moved to Convo 1 and other students who are not feeling good at convo 2. I pissed off. To be honest I dunno anything about their placement test result which I sud re-check ‘em first. I missed it so probably that’s why this happen. Super kesal sekali saat mendengar banyak demand yang bertolak-belakang dengan prosedur pengajaran yang harus diberikan pada murid saat di kelas like not using Bahasa Indonesia too much (which my students complained about). I whine also but not to them (I told them this is English class patiently and I do understand their problem in getting used to English). I dunno how to put this into words tapi agak kecewa dengan hasil placement test which I don’t know!!! (funk)

Ini pelajaran yang sangat berharga. Jadi free lancer teacher is not always about how or who you teach but you should’ve rechecked their placement test result so you know their weaknesses and strengths. Berhubung ini udah berkalan sampai mid-test jadi ya gw lanjutin pasti. Dengan metode yang berbeda antara Convo 1 ama Convo 2. And oh please… English course, rite? So I speak English. Pfft. Whatsofunkingever.

Sekarang ngomongin kuliah. BAB I gw!! Daang!! Itu intinya kurang teori. Jadi gw harus lebih mengambil teori2 psikoanalisis yang nantinya akan gw masukkan di skripsi. Alhamdulillah-nya, I have one of the best friends who is majoring in Psychology in Paramadina. She is… TA-DA!!! ILANDRA !!! (Clapping backsound)

Cute? Sorry boys she's taken
I went to her goddamn nice house and visited her extra-neat room! Well, you know my room was a mess which my mom ever asked “is this girl’s room?” “is this bedroom or a warehouse?” Hahaha. But Landra, ehm well her room, inspired me to clean my super-messy bedroom!! Thanks to her now I have room you can say (quite) a bedroom but still I need a studio tho. And look at my findings! She told me these are her mom’s collection which I wanna steal!! (Hihi, ga kok tante…)
Fotonya pakai hp jadi agak burem maaf ya.. Tapi aslinya lebih lucu dari ini!!

Arghhh, effin cute ceramics!! (and..little Landra :P)
Back to my final ‘skripsweet’ (not ‘skripsucks’), I have enough data for my first chapter walaupun belum sempet lagi ke dosen pembimbing… Ini makanya I don’t wanna add more classes! Please don’t kill me with teaching stuffs.
And now Yellow Pony. I wish I was in other countries so I cud sell them in a high price :9
Am going craaazy about brooches, and jeans, and lace, and and and many many things. So.. These are the latest accessories I've made with love (pffft :P). I can’t wait to show you tutorial but I need extra time for that which I decided to postpone this not-urgent plan. Enjoy :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Loving Lover's Love

Dec, 21st - Usual AM time

Well um…basically I supposed to continue my FINAL PAPER (all capital since it’s mean a LOT to me then, for my fucking future), yes that um… second chapter. But..
I just want to share.

Do you ever happen to have endless love? To me, no such love is endless but it grows, and reduces, and grows bigger after you’ve had a fight. Sometime, love is a time-consuming stuff. You think about that person you love from your breakfast time, when you’re having lunch, until finally you chew your supper. It stimulates your romantic side when rain falls, it heats your will to unbutton you lover’s shirt on summer, it make you wanna warm your lover by hugging him/her in winter time.

Perpetual love is not impossible but our emotion continuously change: friends, working hours, office crap, school rules, extra house works, parent, TV channel, whatsoever. It’s impossible to explain briefly about this flux whereabouts.
Words become superfluous when you need someone yet that person don’t feel mutual feeling. So what’s love all about then if it’s only a love, not mutual love, or constant love, or..ffvk (i hate this when i write about a thing but suddenly my paper bug me like endless alarm!!)

I think love is intense machine never cease, unbreakable ornament wrapped up in smooth coat. I embed myself with massive conflicts in a relationship but that build me, build my wall inside and out. Oh dang… Time to sleep.
And I miss my boy so muach :P

Friday, December 18, 2009

Awesome Avatar!!!

i bet you know this movie already. Has been on Dec 17, which is yesterday, and that was totally froze me. I love 3D and as far as am concern this was the best movie ever! The texture of The People, and the creature living around sacred place... Dang, I was hypnotized by Pandora.
You know what? The world was just perfect and yes The People has direct bond with nature.
Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) was a bridge between human and Navi. For me Neytiri, the princess, was totally awesome! She just as brave as a man! I love Zoe Saldana as being her.
And what I read from the movie was: HUMAN BEING IS GREEDY! Yea, they wanna build new civilization by bulldozing the sacred tree and killing Navi. We sud take care of nature, befriend with nature, not destroy them!

Beautiful night with special person too ;)
He always know how to lighten me up, and thanks to him for carrying my plastic bag. Hehhehe.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Silhouette's Lust


I found her angles are very interesting and common but touchy. Somehow it managed your emotion if you take a look at calm pictures and inspiring words (don't you think so?).
I give you a little peek of her gorgeous snaps above.
Oh don't they make you wanna send DIY wedding invitations??! Those look luxurious and blink-blink but yet far enough from gaudy. Ohh... I want a plain white gown and flowers for my wedding. Kebaya works aye?
And every girl must look beautiful and authentic on that one :P

Well, am still busy with lessen plan and stuffs now and Taming the Beast!!! Dang!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, my friend asked me to sing (again) and I said yes.
My manager asked me to be a trainer, of course I said yes.
For next ideas ready to burst i said yes!

For twenty-four hour a day...
Please add more...

Well am overwhelmed with those time-manage stuff. I think yes, supreme ideas come up when you're absolutely under pressure and you blood felt like heating underneath.
Yea now am talking crap.

Oh you better see my new collection!!
Go to Yellow Pony Online Shop page on the left side of this blog.
Land there or you'll be sorry. Lol

Oh one more thing.
I owe my manager several lesson plan but since am good at teasing i rather say:
Okay, I'll lessen plan.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lotta Things

Huaa! Sudah berapa lama tidak mengisi blog ya. Akhir-akhir ini sedang sibuk dengan ngajar, lalu ngurusin online shop, dan lain-lain.
Nanti deh I'll tell you whole stories (kapan ya??)

Well, hmm. Yea I think I should start writing. I mean, professionally.