Monday, December 21, 2009

Loving Lover's Love

Dec, 21st - Usual AM time

Well um…basically I supposed to continue my FINAL PAPER (all capital since it’s mean a LOT to me then, for my fucking future), yes that um… second chapter. But..
I just want to share.

Do you ever happen to have endless love? To me, no such love is endless but it grows, and reduces, and grows bigger after you’ve had a fight. Sometime, love is a time-consuming stuff. You think about that person you love from your breakfast time, when you’re having lunch, until finally you chew your supper. It stimulates your romantic side when rain falls, it heats your will to unbutton you lover’s shirt on summer, it make you wanna warm your lover by hugging him/her in winter time.

Perpetual love is not impossible but our emotion continuously change: friends, working hours, office crap, school rules, extra house works, parent, TV channel, whatsoever. It’s impossible to explain briefly about this flux whereabouts.
Words become superfluous when you need someone yet that person don’t feel mutual feeling. So what’s love all about then if it’s only a love, not mutual love, or constant love, or..ffvk (i hate this when i write about a thing but suddenly my paper bug me like endless alarm!!)

I think love is intense machine never cease, unbreakable ornament wrapped up in smooth coat. I embed myself with massive conflicts in a relationship but that build me, build my wall inside and out. Oh dang… Time to sleep.
And I miss my boy so muach :P

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