Friday, December 25, 2009

Recent Recenly Rocks!

Hmm, where should I start ladies and gentlemen??

Jadi, dimulai pada hari dimana I realized my students gave me uncomfy look being at convo 2 class. Remember when I told about the silent student? Hmm, yea he moved to Convo 1 and other students who are not feeling good at convo 2. I pissed off. To be honest I dunno anything about their placement test result which I sud re-check ‘em first. I missed it so probably that’s why this happen. Super kesal sekali saat mendengar banyak demand yang bertolak-belakang dengan prosedur pengajaran yang harus diberikan pada murid saat di kelas like not using Bahasa Indonesia too much (which my students complained about). I whine also but not to them (I told them this is English class patiently and I do understand their problem in getting used to English). I dunno how to put this into words tapi agak kecewa dengan hasil placement test which I don’t know!!! (funk)

Ini pelajaran yang sangat berharga. Jadi free lancer teacher is not always about how or who you teach but you should’ve rechecked their placement test result so you know their weaknesses and strengths. Berhubung ini udah berkalan sampai mid-test jadi ya gw lanjutin pasti. Dengan metode yang berbeda antara Convo 1 ama Convo 2. And oh please… English course, rite? So I speak English. Pfft. Whatsofunkingever.

Sekarang ngomongin kuliah. BAB I gw!! Daang!! Itu intinya kurang teori. Jadi gw harus lebih mengambil teori2 psikoanalisis yang nantinya akan gw masukkan di skripsi. Alhamdulillah-nya, I have one of the best friends who is majoring in Psychology in Paramadina. She is… TA-DA!!! ILANDRA !!! (Clapping backsound)

Cute? Sorry boys she's taken
I went to her goddamn nice house and visited her extra-neat room! Well, you know my room was a mess which my mom ever asked “is this girl’s room?” “is this bedroom or a warehouse?” Hahaha. But Landra, ehm well her room, inspired me to clean my super-messy bedroom!! Thanks to her now I have room you can say (quite) a bedroom but still I need a studio tho. And look at my findings! She told me these are her mom’s collection which I wanna steal!! (Hihi, ga kok tante…)
Fotonya pakai hp jadi agak burem maaf ya.. Tapi aslinya lebih lucu dari ini!!

Arghhh, effin cute ceramics!! (and..little Landra :P)
Back to my final ‘skripsweet’ (not ‘skripsucks’), I have enough data for my first chapter walaupun belum sempet lagi ke dosen pembimbing… Ini makanya I don’t wanna add more classes! Please don’t kill me with teaching stuffs.
And now Yellow Pony. I wish I was in other countries so I cud sell them in a high price :9
Am going craaazy about brooches, and jeans, and lace, and and and many many things. So.. These are the latest accessories I've made with love (pffft :P). I can’t wait to show you tutorial but I need extra time for that which I decided to postpone this not-urgent plan. Enjoy :)

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