Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post Wave

Yang penting itu keinginan untuk mengerti, bukan apa yang bisa dan mau kita mengerti.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get Away

There’s no love without understanding. It’s not love if understanding is not acceptable for you.

Life is a lesson, like it or not. Life is a never-ending effort of hitting ego to lowest level. Have you thought you need someone else? A stranger who don’t know you at all, who don’t care where you’ve been this far, who just stare at your eyes, silently saying: let’s hang out. Have you?

Have you found it’s very annoying and tiring and exhausting of understanding someone and you’re in need of coffee with someone else? With someone who never touch your hand before, who barely notice you when you’re talking with microphone on top of highest mountain, who don’t care at all about you but you know that someone will listen to you. Will listen how you want a day out, happy Monday morning biking, laughing, drinking coffee together and he will definitely hear your blurbs? Anything and reply with very great response and you have great chat? Have you crave for such day?

As if waiting for 24 hours to meet your boyfriend is new hell and you need a time to be with someone else just to hear your blurbs since your boyfriend is not a good listener. Have you? Just a need good listener of having such marvelous day on weekend when you’re missing your boyfriend so fucking much. Just to let it out you’re so lucky to hang out with your friends meeting incredible musicians without forgetting your boyfriend. Expecting a good thing can be dangerous is not recommended, specifically, expecting your boyfriend to be a good listener is dangerous. Lol

Now I’m in danger because I’m desperately need quirky day to meet new stranger to hear all my blurbs about movie, about music, musician, novel, anything. I really wish I’d find that day that I will be very very grateful of. Get away sounds good. But money matters so I really hafta earn money first for this plan. I always want to get outta home, to work somewhere far far away from my close friends, to find it is just a plain feeling of missing my boyfriend, to say it loud it is boring to have relationship without seeing each other in person and hate listening his voice over the phone, anything new.

Anything that relates to something I haven’t known.

It’s a good thing to meet stranger. It’s a good thing to have Cairo Time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are You Okay?

I am. But yesterday, wasn't. Kecelakaan jari seperti biasa. Tapi masih oke lah buat ngetik-ngetik. Eh gw mencoba masak nih! Masa pizza dan cokelat. Kan abis buka nii, udah dicobain rasanya enak banget! Yummo.

Ini ada beberapa kreasi terbaru juga.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Life

I am graduated.
I should look for a job, I will.
I am happy I am blessed.