Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quality Time

And yes it is long weekend!
I went out yesterday with birthday girl, Fina and his husband (my brother).. So practically Fina is my sister in law.

A treat in Midori! Realllly delicious! 'Course my husband joined us, too! Yes, there were four of us through drizzling afternoon heading to this restaurant I haven't been before. (I was the one who left behind because my husband, brother, and SIL have been there for its well-known best quality flavour plus it is healthy).

At first I thought Midori is so so Japanese restaurant as it doesn't look so inviting. 
(Next time you pass Jalan Pajajaran go ahead see Midori's parking lot). I doubted the taste before I came in. That was the reason why I never ever wanted to try Midori. But my brother and his wife and also my husband have tried many times and they know I won't be sorry.

So, we walked into the restaurant and what I saw was different atmosphere from the parking lot's simple decoration. So poles apart. 

Yes, baby! I know this is gonna be good :D

And yes I was treated well by the taste of udon, tempura, roasted chicken, smoked salmon, and wait, what else, oh please gimme a break. I definitely wanna go backkkkkkk! 

Aaaaaaaa thank you for the treat dearest sister!

The day didn't stop there. I'll save it for later ya :)

I am hungry, heheh! See ya!

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