Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Friends

I guess. When someone far away from you can soothe your pain better than someone who is close to you. Who have seen your evil and angel sides or something in between that is not even in dictionary.

I am a person who don't believe in good friends. I have none close to me ever. Few best are left behind since they have business to do, students to teach, kids to raise, family to be taken care of. Or maybe I who have left them behind. Leaving question mark am I the only one who is comfortable of being goodfriend-less?

I marry someone I love. I just can't believe how enought he is for me for at least these 1 year something of our marriage. How enough he is to be not-too-good listener but still enough for me. How enough he is to fulfill all my best friends can do although I think I never have one. How enough he is to bear, to admit my pain become his.

Am I too poetic?
The tragedy is, I always think family is more than enough but still we need friends. But still I rarely chat with ones.

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