Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pain to Pretty Results

Looking back to my college life files, everything filled with random DIY projects. From embroidery to hama beads, from doodles to handmade magazine collage cards, from t-shirt necklace to resin pendants. Everything I have missed so far.

I have issue with organizing. That this the hardest part to be organized, the hardest part to be focused on sorting stuffs, it is too much pain to just sit watching TV or do dishes without make something each day. Crafting is my hobby, one of many, and really I cannot focus on what I want to do and it hurts me. It makes the closest people I live with sick. I was wondering what is wrong with making? What is wrong with having a hobby of making something by myself?

Time flies and I have lack of time to do my hobbies. I stressed out. I couldn't think right. Making, creating, in any forms is always my escape. Now I do understand why it hurts and make people I am close to. I cannot organize stuff. It is scattered everywhere anywhere since I just piled them until dusts is everywhere.

It is my issue. It has always been.

Sekarang harus banyak belajar untuk bis rapi-rapi dan membuat semuanya bersih. Karena saya ngga hidup sendiri. Saya punya tanggung jawab - anak dan suami. Saya bukan anak kecil yang kalau dikasi tau marah dan pundung tanpa mau memperbaiki. This is the way I green my grass. Start from myself. Yang pasti, berproses.

I start organizing my Pinterest boards

I started organizing my folders - renaming them, replace folders, things I have NEVER done before.. to be honest I don't think this is important but I think it is time to change and changes can be done by starting something small.

 Semoga bisa terus berlanjut melakukan perubahan positif. Mungkin dengan mau beberes dan rapi-rapiin barang, orang-orang terdekat ridha sama hobi saya :P

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